Large Loads and Palletisation

Conventional palletisation / Selective Palletisation

The most standardised system for large loads using stackers, forklifts or any other lifting devices. This system is much more versatile and adjustable to loads than any other. It also caters for manual loads, usually placed on the lower levels and can be assembled and dismantled swiftly for changes inside warehouses. They also offer great flexibility in constantly flowing warehouses.

Compact palletisation

This system is comprised of streets of different lengths for the forklifts to circulate through and a system made up of frames, crossbars and support rails for the loads.

This system is ideal for large stocks of very repetitive materials since we make the very most of the available space because it enables storing pallets one behind another.

Cantilever / Large Loads

A system composed of pillars joined with diagonal braces forming structures purposely designed for each installation, where the main feature of the stacked loads on this type of shelving are their length: pipes, several kinds of profiles and planks, i.e. loads with lengths exceeding the dimensions of conventional palletisation.

Shelves for Reels

A system designed for the storage of all kinds of reels. This system is formed by pieces (reelers) joined to the frame, which are used as load levels for the reels, preventing their horizontal displacement.