The Company

We can say that GRANALUZ is the youngest manufacturer of its kind in Spain nowadays. At Granaluz, we design, manufacture and market everything related to the storage world and logistics. We offer products like conventional palletisation shelves (selective palletisation), compact palletisation, cantilever, half loads or picking, slotted, EWS shelves without screws, changing room lockers, lofts or mezzanines, as well as shelves for all kinds of supermarket and department stores.

estanterías metálicas granaluz At Estanterias Granaluz, all our projects are tailor-made and we are always one step ahead of each and every factor involved in the installation, ensuring the most satisfactory solution for any situation, so that both our end client and our distributors are fully satisfied with the result. We work closely with our clients, regardless of their size, to offer the best service, before, during and after the project.

Despite the economy having been severely shaken by the financial crisis during the past years, Granaluz has been firmly committed to R&D&I investments all along and increased its productive capacity by reinforcing its potential both in machinery and qualified personnel, strategically positioning itself to begin the internationalisation process, a project which is currently underway.

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